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Branding and Digital Marketing Essentials

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So you have a great idea for a business.  Perhaps you have a fantastic service to offer, or maybe it’s a product that Singapore is just crying out for…you have the idea, but how do you let people know you exist?  Where are your customers?  And how do they want to hear from you?  What should your packaging be like? And what is digital marketing anyway? 

Our Branding and Digital Marketing course has all these answers and more.  Held over two consecutive weeks, session one starts at the beginning of any great business – creating an overall brand and marketing strategy.  Even if your business is already in operation, this session poses all the right questions to help you identify your brand, what makes it unique, why your business exists and how to speak to your ideal customer.  

With a strong strategy in place, week two delves into how to turn this strategy into reality.  From email marketing to Pinterest to the often misunderstood SEO, session two gives you practical up to date advice about how to tackle the marketing channels available to your business and which ones are right for you.

This complete course will give you the confidence to take the next step in the right direction with your business.

Who is this workshop perfect for

  • Individuals who have a great business idea and want to learn how and who to communicate this to.

  • Small business owners who want to move beyond selling to family, friends and contacts and grow their business to the next level. 

  • Business owners who feel overwhelmed by the idea of digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing and want a practical guide to help their business

What you will learn

Session 1: Strategy

1. Business Goals

  • Articulate the reason why your business exists

  • Learn how to define your business goals clearly and concisely

2. Create a thorough customer profile 

  • Learn how to build a clear customer profile

  • Who are your customers and where are they located?

  • How can you best reach them?

3. Branding and Messaging

  • Learn about your messaging and the importance of understanding your customers’ perspective

  • Learn how to build both your personal brand and your business brand

4. The Marketing Mix

  • The importance of packaging, experience, customer service and sales support and how these all fit in with your marketing plan

  • Learn how a website fits into your marketing mix and what elements you may need help with and what you can do yourself

  • Discover why word of mouth reviews are one of the most important elements of your marketing

  • Learn about the importance of collaborations and influencer marketing and how to leverage them to work for you

5. Using Service Providers

  • Learn about where and when you may need to get help from experts such as designers, copywriters, PR agencies and developers

  • Discover how to choose suppliers

  • Learn how to create a brief and the importance of the briefing process

Session 2: Digital Marketing Tools and Tricks

1. Demystify the digital marketing landscape

  • Learn everything about search marketing and SEO and why you need them

2. Email Marketing

  • Why building your email list is so important

  • How to do it and how to automate it to save you time

3. Social Media

  • Which platforms will work for your business and why

4. Content Creation

  • Learn how to create great written and video content

  • How to use these tools to sell to your customers without being ‘salesy’

5. Analytics

  • How to use analytics to continually update your digital strategy

Essential Info

Duration: 4 hours each session (8 hours total) 
Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Dates: Session 1: Wednesday 23 October / Session 2: Wednesday 30 October
Maximum Number of Participants: 10
Pre-Requisites: A business idea or current functioning business

Cost: $420

Commonly Asked Questions

I have a business idea but haven’t yet established a business.  Should I wait to attend this course until my business is registered?
This course is still useful – even if your business is not yet registered. It will help to focus your ideas and understand why your potential business should exist and who it will service. 

I established my business a couple of years ago and it has been doing OK without a brand and marketing strategy.  Is it too late to implement a brand and marketing strategy now?
No!  It is never too late to consider your brand and marketing strategy.  This course can be used to re-focus your thoughts around your existing business and excite you once more about the possibilities for growth / or help you to achieve efficiencies in how you are implementing your marketing efforts.

I already have a website, an instagram account and am doing email marketing, am I going to learn anything new? 
This workshop will cover all the elements of a good marketing strategy, if you are already doing some of these things it will help you to build on what you are already doing and also question if there are some new and different ways you could be building your business. 

I have a service based business not an online shop will this be relevant to me?
This workshop will be relevant to both product and service based businesses and will also cover the different strategies and tactics for each.  

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Claire Bull

Claire has more than 15 years experience working in marketing across Australia, Asia and the US. During her career she has marketed tacos, five star hotels, aerial photography, shopping malls, recycling services, confectionary packaging, reusable coffee cups, innovation consulting and cardboard boxes - just to name a few!

She has worked in marketing for a billion dollar business and for cups of tea on the kitchen table of budding small business owners. Claire is super passionate about empowering others to understand marketing and feel confident about reaching out to their customers. She has also run her own small business alongside raising two small children so she understands the pressures and pleasures of being in business for yourself. Claire loves to learn and is a junkie for going to workshops herself to always keep up to date with the constant changes in the digital landscape.


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