Photography for Beginners
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Photography for Beginners

Get to Know Your Camera.jpg

The perfect workshop for beginner photographers, The Assembly Hall are excited to partner with award winning photographer, Clare Barker Wells to bring you 'Photography for  Beginners'.  

This 2-part workshop series for beginners allows you to get to know your camera and learn how to take beautiful photos with the auto setting turned off. Learn the principles and basic rules of photography and how to apply them to capture special moments in everyday life.  

You don't need a fancy camera to attend this workshop, as the best camera is the one you already own. With extensive teaching experience, Clare will guide you over two separate sessions allowing you to practice what you've learnt in-between workshops and to give you the confidence you need.   

At the conclusion of the workshop you will have an understanding of basic photography and you will be able to use your camera on the manual setting confidently and effectively. 

Who is this workshop perfect for

  • Individuals who want to capture special moments with their family and friends 
  • Anyone who has a DSLR but hasn't learnt how to take it off the AUTO setting  
  • Creative individuals interested in photography

What you will learn

1. How your Camera Works 

  • Learn basic technical knowledge to help you understand your camera better 
  • Find out what aperture, shutter speed and ISO are, how they work, and why they're important to you
  • Understand lenses and focal lengths 
  • Learn about exposure and metering 

2. Taking Control of your Camera

  •  Learn what all the buttons on your camera do, and which ones you need to use
  • Find out how to get those blurry backgrounds you see in professional photography
  • Learn why your photographs sometimes don't turn out how you want them to
  • Switch your camera to manual mode and never look back!


Essential Info

Duration: 2.5 hours each session (5 hours total) 
Time: 9.30am – 12.00pm
Dates: Session 1: Tuesday 5th June / Session 2: Tuesday 12th June
Maximum Number of Participants: 10
Pre-Requisites: No pre-requisites
What to Bring: Your DSLR or mirrorless camera with a fully charged battery and memory card installed. (This workshop is not relevant for iPhones) 

Cost: $250



Clare Barker Wells 

Clare is an award-winning, internationally published lifestyle photographer who is basically in love with shooting families (her own, and other people’s). She’s known for her rich, authentic, often editorial style, always capturing the real beauty of her subjects. On top of this, one of her favourite things to do is to teach others how to take control of their camera and to find and take the photographs that make their hearts happy. She is originally a Brit, but having lived in Russia, Malaysia, and now Singapore, she has almost forgotten what a proper English cup of tea tastes like, so isn't sure she can really call herself British anymore (although the sarcastic sense of humour will never leave her.) To find out more about Clare and to see more of her work, visit here:


Commonly Asked Questions

I barely know how to turn my camera on!  Will I find this workshop too advanced and overwhelming? 
No. This workshop takes you right back to basics and delivers new information in a simple and practical manner. 

My camera is really old. Should I buy a new one?
Absolutely not!  Clare has extensive experience with many camera styles and models and will be able to assist you with what you already have. Clare will also discuss differing types of cameras in the class, and what suits different styles of shooting. You may find that you don't need the newest, biggest DSLR out there.

I already know about Aperture and ISO etc but still find it overwhelming putting it into practice. Is this course right for me?
Yes. Clare brings the whole class back to basics to give a solid understanding of not only what these things mean, but why they are important, and how they all work together. The practical element will allow you to put this all into practice and leave you feeling confident with your camera. 

Will I get any one-on-one time with the teacher despite it being a group class? 
Yes.  Clare has warm and approachable style, and always allows time to address and individual concerns or questions. 

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Essential Guide to Starting a Small Business
9:00 AM09:00

Essential Guide to Starting a Small Business


Are you thinking about starting a small business in Singapore and feeling daunted by how to get it off the ground? Trust us, we’ve been there! Having experienced the process of starting a small business first-hand, we have developed this ‘Essential Guide to Starting a Small Business’ workshop to provide you with all the need-to-know information to get you started. With so much conflicting advice on the internet, we have brought in industry experts to give you relevant and up-to-date knowledge. Our workshop provides all the invaluable information without bias so you know exactly what your options are.

The ‘Essential Guide to Starting a Small Business’ workshop covers four topics with each topic presented by an industry expert. They are:

1: How to register and set up your business
2: How to set up and take charge of your finances
3: Creating a brand for your business
4: Setting up your website 

At the completion of this workshop, you will have a clear plan and the know-how to start your business smoothly, effectively and in a timely manner. 

Who is this workshop perfect for?

  • People who are thinking about starting a small business in Singapore
  • Entrepreneurs who have a business idea but aren’t exactly sure where and how to start
  • Anyone who is confused by the ever changing Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules around Visas and work passes
  • Anyone who would like to know how to brand their business from the beginning
  • People who are spending hours trawling the internet going around in circles trying to find a clear and simple guide on how to start a business in Singapore, but can’t find one! 

What you will learn

1: How to register and set up your business
Host: Katherine Chapman, Managing Director, CSLB Asia

  • What are the roles of MOM and ACRA when starting a business
  • Determine which business structure is best for you
  • Understand work pass options and the pass applicable to your business structure
  • How to engage a lawyer or an agent to register the business for you and apply for your work passes

2: How to set up and take charge of your finances             
Host: Emma Tymms, Owner/Director, Little Red Robin Pte Ltd

  • What record keeping is and why it is important
  • What your legal requirements are
  • How to record your income and expenses
  • How to pay yourself 
  • How your business will be taxed and what you need to do to lodge your tax
  • Discuss accounting platform options and determine which is best for your business

3: Creating a brand for your business                                   
Host: Angie Ma, Brand Strategist and Communications Planner

  • Identifying what makes your business unique vs competitors
  • Defining your target audience/s and understanding their needs/wants
  • Identifying your brand, purpose and values
  • Importance of a consistent brand identity and voice 

4: Setting up your website
Host: Hester Aba, Founder & Creative Director, Delilah Creative

  • Compare Website and eCommerce platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify to find out which one best suits your needs 
  • How to choose and register a domain name for your website 
  • What you need to consider when creating the content for your website

Essential Info

Duration: 4 hours (4 x 1 hour sessions)                                    
Time: 9am - 1pm
Max number of participants: 10
Pre-Requisites: None
What to Bring: Nothing is required for this workshop
Cost: $250

Get to know the hosts 

Commonly Asked Questions

By the end of the workshop, will my business be registered and ready to start operating?
No. The purpose of the workshop is to help you determine your business structure and gather all the information you need to either register your business yourself or engage a lawyer or an agency to do so. We will share contact information and pricing with you so you will be armed to make the first step. 

I have just registered a business but haven't yet launched it.  Will this workshop still be relevant for me?
Yes.  This workshop is the perfect place to start - even if you have already registered your business.  It covers all the topics that a business needs to consider before launching in the market and is even useful for businesses that are already up and running but would like to refresh their knowledge or make some changes.

I am considering changing my website but I'm confused about which platform to use.  Will you discuss different options?
Yes.  We will give you all the information you need to choose the best platform for your business.

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Styling & Photography for Social Media
9:30 AM09:30

Styling & Photography for Social Media


The Styling and Photography for Social Media workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and know-how to create beautiful images for your business.  Whether it’s for your blog, website or social media channels, learn photography and styling basics and gain all the insider tips and tricks to transform your images into memorable and engaging photos.

Bring your own products, or borrow from our extensive prop range and get hands-on experience with product stylist and photographer, Charlie Cameron.

At the conclusion of the workshop you will have an understanding of basic photography and styling principles and an insight into the editing tools available.  More importantly, you will walk away with the confidence to build a portfolio of beautiful, on-brand and engaging images to enhance your business.

Who is this workshop perfect for

  • Entrepreneurs needing to create beautifully styled and photographed images for their business
  • Bloggers wanting captivating images to compliment their articles
  • Small business owners wishing to manage their own social media accounts and increase engagement
  • Aspiring product stylists
  • Creative individuals interested in photography and styling

What you will learn

1. Basic Photography

  • An introduction to photography using your camera on manual mode
  • Which lens types to consider
  • How to use lighting to enhance your photography

2. Styling 101

  • The principles behind successful styling compositions
  • How to arrange a flat lay
  • How to capture a product in situ

3. Editing

  • Learn the editing software options available
  • How to use editing software to enhance your images

4. Hands-on Practical

  • Bring your own products or use our props to style your own shoot with the support of The Assembly Hall
  • Upload your photos and process them using your newly learnt editing tools


Essential Info

Duration: 4 hours (including refreshment break)
Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Maximum Number of Participants: 10
Pre-Requisites: A basic knowledge of your camera is useful
What to Bring: Your camera with a fully charged battery and memory card installed. 2. Your smart phone (fully charged) 3. A laptop (or other system) for transferring your photos from your camera to smart phone 4. A small number of items from your business that you would like to use in the hands-on practical styling session (optional)

Cost: $189



Commonly Asked Questions

Help! I’m a complete novice with my camera.  Can I still attend?
While it is helpful for you to know your way around the basics of your camera it is not a necessity.  We can help you to figure your camera out.  Just make sure it is charged and has a memory card installed and let us help with the rest.

I only own a smart phone.  Can I bring that along instead?
Of course!  While a smart phone doesn’t have the functionality of a DSLR camera, the general photography and styling information will still be relevant no matter which camera you are using.

My business is not in homewares, will this course still be relevant for me?
Yes.  While our set ups for hands-on practice will mainly involve homewares, the information and practical advice will be relevant whether you are photographing clothes, food or homewares.  If there is a styling component required for your images, then this course will be right for you.

I don’t have any product items to bring to use in the hands-on styling session.
That’s OK.  We have plenty of props that can be used on the day – either as a compliment to what you bring, or in their entirety.

I don’t yet own any editing software.  Is that OK?
Yes.  We will talk about our favourite editing software in the course and can show you how to download the software using the App Store on your phone. 

I don't know how to use Instagram.  Will you teach this social media platform in this class?
No.  This workshop is just about creating imagery for social media - if you wish to learn how to use Instagram for personal or business reasons, please see our Instagram workshops.


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Instagram for Business
9:30 AM09:30

Instagram for Business

The Instagram for Business workshop tackles all your questions around how to build and manage a business presence on Instagram.  As the fastest growing social media platform, Instagram has become an essential marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and engaging with customers.

During the workshop we will discuss how to create engaging content, Instagram etiquette, when and what to post, hashtags and much more.  At the conclusion of the workshop you will leave armed with all the knowledge you need to kick your Instagram feed into the next gear and take charge of this important marketing tool.

Who is this workshop perfect for?

  • Small business owners wanting to increase engagement on an existing Instagram account
  • Entrepreneurs just starting out on Instagram and wanting to set up best practices from the beginning
  • Marketing professionals managing a social media account on behalf of a business

What you will learn

1. Instagram Essentials

  • An introduction to the size and reach of Instagram and the demographics behind it 
  • Instagram terminology and what it all means

2. Enhancing Your Instagram Account

  • How to write a good bio
  • Syncing your Instagram account with other social media platforms
  • Instagram etiquette and best practices
  • When and what to post

3. Creating and Curating an On-Brand Feed

  • Learn how to create on-brand images
  • The basics of photography and editing software
  • How to write engaging captions
  • How and when to curate images

4. Hashtags and More

  • Create a hashtag strategy specific to your industry
  • How to create a successful Instagram competition
  • Third-party apps to help manage your Instagram account

Essential Info

Duration: 4 hours (including refreshment break)
Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm
Maximum Number of Participants: 10
Pre-Requisites: An instagram account
What to Bring: Your smart phone (fully charged)

Cost: $189

Commonly Asked Questions

I have only just started an Instagram account for my business, is this workshop suitable?
If you already have an account set up on Instagram and understand the basics of the platform, then we can help you to sort out the rest.

I don’t know anything about Instagram and don’t have an account set up but will be starting a new business soon and would like to learn how to use this social media platform, can I attend?
If you have no prior knowledge of Instagram and do not yet have an active account, then we suggest you start with the Introduction to Instagram workshop first where we help you to get everything set up.

My industry is not homewares or interiors focused, will you still be able to help me with hashtags?
Yes. We will teach you how to find the right hashtags for your industry – whatever that may be.

Will you teach me how to style and take photos for instagram?
We will touch on the principals behind beautiful imagery but in this course we do not teach photography or styling.  If you are interested in this, you may wish to consider our 'Styling and Photography for Social Media' workshop.

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Everyday Flowers
9:30 AM09:30

Everyday Flowers

Everyday flowers light 5-2.jpg

Everyday Flowers is a practical half day workshop that delivers all the information you need to style flowers in your home.   

The workshop begins at the wholesale flower market, where Kate Gallagher, florist and owner of Floweret Co, provides a personalised tour - from how to read the labels, to which types of flowers stand the test of time so you don’t waste your precious pennies!

Arriving back at The Assembly Hall you will learn the basics of fun and relaxed flower styling, including how to match the right vase with the right flowers and how to create beautiful floral scenes for various areas of your home.  

And of course you will be able to take your beautiful blooms home with you at the end of the workshop.

Who is this workshop perfect for? 

  • Anyone who loves fresh flowers
  • Individuals wanting to learn more about how to choose the right flowers for their home, how to style style them, and how to keep them alive for longer
  • Anyone who has not yet been to the wholesale flower markets
  • Anyone who is tired of wasting money on flowers that only live for a day!
  • Individuals who are wanting to explore their creativity and meet with likeminded people

What you will learn

1. The flower market

  • An introduction to the layout of the wholesale flower market
  • How to choose the freshest flowers
  • How to tell which country the flowers are from

2. Everyday flower care

  • How to prepare, strip and trim the flowers to keep them alive for longer

3. Styling flowers at home

  • How to arrange flowers in different types of vases and vessels
  • Which types of flower and foliage combinations work well together
  • Which types of flowers are suitable for which occasions
  • How to divide up your flowers to create different styling vignettes in the home


Essential Information

Duration: 4 hours (including refreshment break)
Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm (9.15am meet time at flower markets)
Maximum number people: 10
Prerequisites: No prerequisites. Just a love of blooms!

Cost: $ 195


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own scissors and vases?
No, The Assembly Hall supplies all materials

Can I bring a vase from home if I want to learn how to style it?
Yes, of course!

Will I learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet?
No.  This workshop is all about casually styling flowers in your home and is not designed to teach formal floral arranging.

How will I know where to meet at the flower market?
All the information regarding meeting place and how to get there will be provided upon confirmation of your workshop booking.

Do I need to arrange my own transport from the flower market to The Assembly Hall?
Yes.  We will meet at the flower market and workshop participants will make their own way to The Assembly Hall upon conclusion of the flower market tour.  More information will be provided upon confirmation of your workshop booking.

Can I make a group booking for a special event?
Yes. Please email us at to enquire. 


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Guide to Instagram Story
9:30 AM09:30

Guide to Instagram Story

social media image for website.jpg

Come and learn how to create on-brand, engaging Instagram Stories in this 2.5 hour workshop. It is the perfect extension to our Instagram for Business workshop and is designed to get you using all the features that the Instagram platform has to offer. 

Learn how to craft beautiful visual content specifically for Instagram Stories as well as tricks and tips for using some of the content you already have from your Instagram feed or website. We delve into how Instagram Stories works and why it has become an integral part of any social media marketing strategy. 

You will walk away with ready-to-use techniques to create video and still images. 

Who is this workshop perfect for?

  • Small business owners already marketing themselves on Instagram 
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to understand the Instagram Story feature 
  • Anyone who has attended our Instagram for Business workshop 

What you will learn

1.  The Basics 

  • What is Insta Story and how does it work? 
  • Review of the features available 
  • Why you should be including it in the marketing of your business 

2.  Creating Beautiful Content 

  • Different creative approches to Insta Story 
  • How to edit your images 
  • How to create and edit video content in Insta Story format

Essential Info

Duration: 2.5 hours (including refreshments)
Time: 9.30am – 12.00pm
Maximum Number of Participants:  10
Pre-Requisites: Basic working knowledge of Instagram
What to Bring: Your smartphone with the Instagram too installed, a laptop (optional: Photoshop installed)

Cost: $120



Commonly Asked Questions

I have never used Instagram Stories before.  Is this workshop suitable for a complete beginner?

Yes.  This workshop starts by reviewing how instagram stories works so that you can immediately get an understanding of the feature.  There is no need to have prior knowledge.  This workshop is suitable for beginners through to the users who are looking to improve their use of this feature.

Will I be able to create an Instagram Story during the workshop?

Yes.  We will practice creating an Instagram Story in class that you can put in your feed.

I am completely new to Instagram.  Can I attend this workshop?

We recommend that you start with Instagram for Business as a first workshop before you attend the Instagram Story workshop.  However, it is not a requirement.

I am not a business but I still want to know how to use Instagram Stories, is this workshop suitable for me?

Yes.  Whilst the focus of this workshop is aimed at small businesses needing to use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes, anyone can attend and benefit from the tip and tricks.


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Styling the Home
9:30 AM09:30

Styling the Home

Styling draft light 5.jpg

The Interior Styling workshop is a relaxed and practical 4 hour workshop designed to give you all the tools you need to create a beautifully styled home. Unearth your own personal interior style and find out how to create beautiful and considered spaces. 

With an array of beautiful homeware items to practice with, this workshop gives you hands-on experience under the guidance of Interior Designer Kate Gallagher and Stylist Charlie Cameron in a real home setting.

You’ll leave the workshop with an understanding of interior styling principles and plenty of practical tips and tricks to make your own home look beautiful.

Who is this workshop perfect for?

  • Anyone wishing to improve their interior styling skills
  • People looking for the confidence to freshen up their home themselves using the items they already own
  • Anyone looking to add to their home with some new on-trend homewares
  • Aspiring interior stylists

What you will learn

1.  Defining your Style 

  • How to determine your own interior style
  • Where to look for inspiration
  • Mixing and matching interior styles

2.  Styling Principals 

  • Learn about proportion, scale, balance and contrast and how they can be applied in your styling 

3.  How to...

  • Style surfaces such as your coffee table, shelves and side console 
  • Mix texture, pattern and colour 
  • Choose and display artwork 
  • Pick the right rug 

4.  Hands-on Practical

  • Style various areas of a home using a range of homewares from The Assembly Hall’s favourite Singapore shops under the guidance of Charlie and Kate 

5.  Where to...

  • Where we shop for homewares and artwork in Singapore and online 
  • Find out what our favourite styling objects and accessories are and where to get them from 

Essential Info

Duration: 4 hours (including refreshment break)
Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Maximum Number of Participants:  10
Pre-Requisites: No pre-requisites
What to Bring: No need to bring anything - all styling items will be provided

Cost: $220



Commonly Asked Questions

I’ve never done any interior styling before, will this workshop be suitable?
Yes.  You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of interior styling to enjoy this course.  During the hands-on practical you will get the chance to have a go under our guidance.

I want to learn how to style the items I already own as I don’t want to spend a lot on new styling items, will you show me how to do that?
Yes.  By learning the principles behind styling you will have confidence to return home and style what you already own.  

I need some tips on where to find homewares in Singapore, can you help?
Yes, not only will we pass on the information of our favourite places to shop for homewares online and in Singapore, but you will also have the chance to style using our favourite pieces currently in the market.  It’s almost like a try before you buy!

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Design your Website
9:30 AM09:30

Design your Website

Website hero.jpg

Our ‘Design Your Website’ workshop is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to get their website off the ground, or perhaps give their existing website a makeover.  This half day workshop provides a practical step by step guide to setting up your website homepage on Squarespace. 

Hosted by Delilah Creative, you will learn all the tools you need to take the first step in creating your website – from successful font combinations to choosing a colour palette, Delilah Creative will help you to build your homepage with their expert guidance. 

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to use Squarespace to create a DIY website, be equipped with tips and tricks for creating and laying out your content to maximize stickiness and conversions, know how to integrate your brand’s colours and fonts, source stock images and have a brand new headshot taken by professional photographer, Charlie Cameron.

Who is this workshop perfect for? 

  • Small businesses who need to create a website
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to learn the Squarespace platform for their business
  • Individuals interested in creating a website that they can use for blogging
  • Small businesses who would like to refresh their brand presence online

What you will learn

1. Website platforms

  • Which website platforms are available and which will be the best fit for you
  • How to build your website using Squarespace

2. How websites work

  • Creating and displaying your content
  • How to maximize stickiness and conversion rates
  • Navigation, Calls to Action and Integrating Social Media or Newsletter Signups

3. Getting started 

  • Fonts
  • Colour palette
  • Layout
  • Content

Essential Information

Duration: 4 hours (including refreshment break)
Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm
Maximum number people: 10
Prerequisites: In order to attend this workshop you must have the following elements in place for your website:

  • Domain Name
  • Squarespace account (can be in trial mode)
  • A logo you would like to use
  • Your homepage content (text)

What to Bring: Fully charged laptop + laptop charger, your logo file (saved on your desktop), your written homepage content, a can-do attitude! 

Cost: $ 225


Delilah Creative