Angie Ma

Brand and Communications strategist

Angie has specialised in commercial creativity  - using ideas to solve business, marketing and brand problems - for over 16 years. She has worked in the top advertising and digital communication agencies in London, Melbourne, HK/China and was named the 3rd top brand planner in the UK.

Angie has a passion for understanding business challenges, culture, people and brand truths in order to help her clients create strong brands both locally as well as globally. Her experience includes consulting for Visit London Tourism, Virgin, Land Rover, Bacardi Rum, Diageo, British Beer Alliance, Cadburys and more.

When living in Hong Kong, frustrated with the lack of creative yet intimate, homey dining experiences, she founded Once Upon A Table secret supper club - an underground in-home restaurant with secret pop-up home locations around Hong Kong - which she then took to her home town Melbourne. 

Angie has literally just moved from London to Singapore with her family and 6 month old baby in the last few weeks. She is excited to share her marketing and brand expertise and get to know the local foodie scene.